A Look at Azizaa Mystic, Africas Most Controversial Artist & her Voodoo Music

Azizaa Mystic is a Ghanaian musician and a self-proclaimed witch who was born and raised in a Christian background in Ghana and later on moved to the United States. Apart from doing music, Azizaa is a business lady as she owns a jewelry line known as KORGA Pieces (Korga means a beautiful neck piece). Her music journey began when she was young whereby she was influenced by the fact that both her parents were singers. Growing up, she would wake up to hear her mother and father sing, especially traditional music. She would pay attention to her father (a choir master) while he trained his voice and master the tactics, after which they would sing in church.

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She decided to forsake the Christian faith since she feels it signifies desertion of Ghanaian spiritual traditions and instead embraced Vodun, which is sometimes referred to as Voodoo. Her style of music is greatly impacted by the West African traditional spiritual beliefs and practices. This is also why she decided to move back to Ghana – she wanted to have a connection with her roots. When she started doing music professionally, Azizaa started to consolidate West African divinities in her lines.

Azizaa Mystic also mentioned that her country of origin, Ghana, influences the beats of her songs which are obtained from Ghanaian traditional sounds such as Ewe, Agbadza and Adowa, and fused with trap music and 808 drums. Her style of music is a fusion of the ancient and the modern, she calls this unique music brand Voodoo music. She made a decision to make her music about her isolation of Christianity since she feels that is the best way to rescue Ghanaians and take them back to their roots. She has never been afraid to declare that she is a Vodun practitioner and condemn hypocritical Christian leaders despite the fact that a majority of Ghanaians are Christians. She is by far one of the most controversial artists in Africa today. She most often speaks against (through her art of music ) the Christian faith as an imposed religion by the colonial leaders.


When the video to her song “Black Magic Woman” begins to play, two Christian men are seen forcing a young lady into Christianity. Azizaa disclosed that it happens a lot to her in real life when pastors criticize her due to her colored hair and piercings on her nose and lips since they think it is not Godly. She feels that religious leaders are taking advantage of people in critical and defenseless situations to benefit themselves. It is to this regard that she feels that Christianity should be prohibited. Her mysticism is clearly seen on stage as she performs and this is said to rejuvenate the body and create a reconnection with the soul. While she is not the favorite of most right winged religious zealots, she is loved by many who are ready to challenge the status quo.  She is a queen in her own right and a gem most discover through her youtube videos and her recent featured documentary “Christiane Amanpour: Sex & Love Around the World” on Netflix.

Azizaa Mystic works under the Jarring Effects music label and released an album dubbed Vodua in 2018. She has worked with a couple of artists in the album; they are The Trap Wich, Fisher Dread and Jj Gonami. The album consists of songs such as “Oree Yeye Oo” featuring The Trap Wich, “Money”, “Black Magic Woman”, “Vodua” featuring Fisha Dread, “Ese Ndor” featuring Jj Gonami, “Le Za Me” (Interlude), ”Adze Kolo” (Voodoo Pussy), “Oya” (On Fire), “Fuck You”, “Guede Party” and “Zokpata” (Outro).

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